Competencies – The Secret to Hiring Rock Stars

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You have a direct report named John. John has been with your company in a critical function position for about 11 years. Every year, he has outperformed the previous year. He has maxed out his bonus and has become the go-to-guy for his peers and senior management.

Late Friday afternoon, you get the email that every manager of a rock star dreads. John has asked to meet on Monday to discuss something. You try to find out what the meeting will address, but John says that he would rather wait until meeting.

You have gotten these meeting requests in the past and they have always resulted in one thing. The employee telling you that he or she is leaving for another opportunity.

First thing that comes to mind is how you are going to replace John with another rock star. The answer is to hire according to the competences and skills that made John a rock star in the first place.

The key is to collect the critical competencies and then have the discipline to build a recruiting process based on finding people who display these competencies.

Many jobs use interview questions that explore the requirements to do the job effectively. Hiring a person who has the competencies and skills to do the job effectively is not good business practice. You need to hire someone who can set the world on fire.

The process of identifying critical competencies and skills for excelling at the position must be done before there is a need to fill the position.

The first step is to put together a small group of people who interact with the person in the position on a regular basis. The group should be composed of managers and peers.

Before getting together the competency group, an email should be sent to the member asking them to think of the best person they have ever seen in that position and to list the behaviors and requirements that made them so. This data should be emailed back to the meeting organizer in enough time to compile the feedback.

The collected competencies, requirements and job description should be posted on a flipchart and await the group when they start the meeting.

The top critical requirements should be chosen, ranked and captured. It is important to limit the items to what is important, but at the same time not leave out any that is needed to do an outstanding job.

Now that you have the rock star competencies and requirements, they can be used in the job description and the interview process.

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